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LogoGrab is the most advanced logo recognition technology.
Based on patented computer vision algorithms, it is easy to integrate, robust and extremely scalable.

Logo activation

Our unique technology requires only one PNG file of a logo to make it active. It’s that simple and works with any logo.
Activate now your logo.

Logo detection

LogoGrab’s technology detects logos regardless of their color, background and orientation. Once a logo has been activated in can be detected wherever seen.


LogoGrab is the fastest and most robust logo recognition technology. Our system detects logos instantly at unprecedented precision levels.


LogoGrab is scalable. Really scalable. Our technology can be used for mobile logo recognition as well as professionals solutions for detecting logos within large databases of images and videos.


LogoGrab autonomously understands on which visual context your logo is seen: specific product, specific billboard, you name it. This tool is used for displaying customised content depending on where your logo is seen and providing detailed reports about your brand exposure.


LogoGrab’s technology is patent pending and based on proprietary image recognition algorithms.



Alessandro Prest, PhD

The genius guiding the LogoGrab technology team, Alesandro is a Google sponsored PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. Alessandro earned his PhD at ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Luca Boschin

The product specialist behind the LogoGrab platform. Luca is an innovative professional with an extensive expertise as product manager for artificial intelligence solutions.

Luc Van Gool

Our technology advisor, Luc is the director of the Computer Vision Laboratory at ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Ottonel Popesco

Our business advisor, Ottonel is the CEO of Cavotec, a NASDAQ OMX listed company active in the field of engineering solutions.


Pro solutions

LogoGrab technology is applied to professional solutions for detecting logos within large databases of images and videos.
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Did you know that you can integrate LogoGrab’s technology in your own apps or any other solution that may need advanced logo identification?

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